Some feedback received

I place enormous importance on customer satisfaction reflecting nearly 40 years experience in a service industry. The following comments represent a small sample of the feedback I have received from my clients:


“I asked Chris to take on the impossible and answer some questions my 92 year old mother had never been able to resolve about her grandfather. Not only did Chris find the answers and discover other interesting relatives along the way, he did it in a very caring and compassionate way that made it a very positive experience for my ageing mother. I can't recommend his work highly enough.”

“The facts you found were truly mind blowing”

“Chris has provided a wealth of family lineage back to 17th century detailing the history and migration of my extended family. The results are amazing, Chris's enthusiasm and passion for genealogy is clearly evident”

“Chris has converted my curiousness in to a genuine 'life enhancing' experience for which I will always be grateful.”

“Chris provides a highly professional and deeply enlightening service. I was truly amazed at the results and have gained great value from his work. If you are looking to learn more from you and your families past, I would have no hesitation in recommending you engage with Chris.”

Education and coaching

“This ancestry now takes over my weekends. So glad I started doing it though.”

“I learned so much yesterday thanks to you.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and now know where I was going wrong.”

“Just the right mixture of relaxed humour, information and interaction.”

“It has been amazing and very different to what I expected.”

“I now have the strength to act in the present and not let the past dictate my future.”

“With Chris' guidance, I have been able to understand more about what has helped shaped the person I am today: my nature, nurture, the chance encounters I have had and the choices I have made. As a consequence, I have been able to review and reconcile past events which has had a truly profound affect both personally and professionally.”